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Important !
    Please read the following details carefully to continue with your Registration
1. You can be certain of the seat only when you receive the confirmation notice.
2. The applicant must bring the confirmation notice (which will be sent to you at the confirmation of your admission) printed along with the sign and seal of the parish priest at the beginning of the programme. Download Form
3. Those who lack the sign and seal of the parish priest in the confirmation form printed, will not be admitted to the programme.
4. The Retreat starts at 8.00 am on the first day and ends at 4.45 pm on the third day. During the Retreat the participants are supposed to stay at the centre and will not be allowed to go outside. Those who come late and plans to go early will not be given admission.
5. On the last day of the Retreat, the parents of the participants must attend a special programme from 9.30 am - 4.30 pm
6.The participants must bring necessary dresses and toilet items.
7.The Retreat materials - notebook, pen etc. will be provided.
8.The participants are requested to attend the Retreat before the engagement.
9.This registration cannot be changed to another person.
10. In case you need to change inform us four days prior to the programme.
11. In case you cancel the registration, the paid amount will not be given back and that will be transferred to the Marriage Aid Fund of the centre.
Please ask the bank personnel to add the above given Reg. No. in your fee transaction.
After the Payment click on the below URL for completing your registration Process. Do not forget to quote your transaction details in the new page.