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Bishop's Message

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As you are preparing for marriage, I write to urge you first of all to discern God's call for you in marriage and secondly, to bring the best possible preparation for it. The wedding is for a day; marriage is for a lifetime.

This is a time to ask God to help you to recognize whether your decision is in keeping with God's will. It is a time to examine reflectively your relationship with each other and the Lord, as well as your readiness to assume the responsibilities of married life. This is a time to discover the beauty and grandeur of the vocation to love and the service of life. This, then, is a time to listen to God and to one another, in sharing as deeply as possible your convictions about life, family, work, finance, and the expression of marital love.

May this be a time of a special gift that you give to each other as you prepare maturely for the sacrament of marriage.

Bishop diocese of palai Bishop diocese of palai
Mar Joseph Kallarangatt
Bishop of Palai